The off-season…


That's me! It's October 19, 2016, the sun is in Zenith and the pool water is 21oC… Yes yes you do not dream … Ok OK in the middle of the season (July, August) it goes up to 29oC but we're not going to complain.

And then Corsica off-season it has a lot of advantages: OK the streets are not lively in the evening as in summer but the activities during the day are also quieter. You have museums, beaches (necessarily!), roads, shops, restaurants, walks, hikes, etc. After that it also depends on tastes: we prefer the world or… not!

In any case a definite advantage of the "off-season" is the cost of housing and transport. We try to leave in the off-season because Antone (our love bébinou) is not yet a year old. But when he gets to school his school holidays will become our family vacation…

So whatever the season don't hesitate to book!

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