Encounters at the bends of Corsica's roads

Here are some animal species that we find friendly and that you will not fail to cross on the small village roads in Corsica…: wild boars, donkeys, turtles, etc.

The wild boar (u Cignale) 

Not to be confused with the domestic pig it is genetically close to. It proliferates in the scrubland and forests of Corsica. An omnivore, it feeds mainly on acorns, chestnuts, roots, worms, insects and tubers.

wild boar

The pig (u Porcu)

The breeding of pig pigs of the nustrale pig breed is mainly found in South Corsica and more particularly on the western part. In Upper Corsica, they are also found in Castagniccia, a region of chestnut groves and dense forest ideal for their breeding.


The sheep of Corsica (a Muvra)

Wild cattle that live in the mountains. They form 2 populations (about 600 animals) in Monte Cinto (to the north) and in the Bavella Massif (south of the island).


The Corsican donkey (u Sumeru)

There are two types of donkey in Corsican: the small one (about 1.20 m at the withers), a grey dress with the cross of Saint-André on the back and the larger one (up to 1.30 m at the withers) of dark brown or black.


The fox (a Volpe)

This carnivore is red-haired with a bushy tail, pointed ears, thin legs and an elongated snout. It's a chicken nightmare!


 The Cursinu

A Corsican-bred dog, it is powerful but calm and can easily be recognized by its dress. He is also versatile: shepherd, keeper and hunter!


 Hermann's turtle

The largest populations are found in the Ajaccian, Sartenais/Valinco, Figari/Porto-Vecchio basins and the eastern plain.


What is really nice is that you can cross most of these species just by walking on the main roads of Corsica or in the villages …

And depending on the season you can even see turtles in the garden of Villa Serena!! So book fast!

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