Motorcycle ride on Corsican roads from Ajaccio

How many times have we heard that the roads of Corsica are the "biker's paradise"

This is surely because Corsica has many advantages: roads full of turns, sun, mild temperatures, fabulous and varied landscapes, beautiful beaches that contrast with its rocky mountains, etc. The tour of Corsica on a motorbike will indeed have many surprises in store for you…

So we inquired to find out if at the start of Villa Serena, that is to say from Ajaccio, the bikers could easily access this seventh sky… the answer is yes!!! A few minutes from Villa Serena just take the Departmental Coastal Road to the North number 81 (RD81).

In this article, we will be interested in its stretch located on the West Coast, and especially between the start of Villa Serena and Porto (1h30 drive, 74 km). 

Coastal road D81 (in dark blue)

In addition to the pleasure of driving on a winding road of good quality, the RD81 crosses several must-see locations:

The Village of Cargèse known as "Greece"

At the end of the Gulf of Sagone, you will reach Cargèse, you will then have a strange impression when you enter this village: that of having been transported to Greece… and you'll be right! At last almost… because it is an ancient Greek Orthodox city!  You can, among other things, contemplate the two churches (Greek and Latin) that have the distinction of being built face to face!! 

Greek and Latin churches

Arone Beach

Between Cargèse and Piana, you are advised not to miss out on the beautiful 750-metre sandy beach. To get there you have to take a winding road in a ledge. If you go there in the summer, you will be delighted to have a motorcycle and thus avoid any parking problems…

Arone Beach

The Gulf of Porto and calanches (or coves) of Piana

The turns are very numerous, the road is good, and the panorama of colors will enchant you for sure, especially at sunset!

This site is, in our opinion, and without exaggerating, a must-see place in Corsica. The Gulf of Porto is a Unesco World Heritage Site thanks to the Scandola Nature Reserve and the Piana Calanques.  

These calanches are the result of a red geological formation of volcanic origin with magmatic rocks.

As for the village of Piana, it is classified among the beautiful villages of France! It is best known for its St. Mary's Church and white houses arranged in an amphitheatre.

RD81 with Piana calanches

If you want to push further, you can continue to drive to Calvi, you can take about an hour and a third.

Calvi, capital of Balagne

You can't miss its old perched citadel overlooking its wide bay. Its cobbled streets will lead you to the Baroque Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

But Calvi is also a huge beach and a very lively port...

And since you've come this far, don't forget to go to Our Lady of the Serra which has the reputation of being the most panoramic view of the citadel and the city of Calvi. 

Calvi Citadel


Caution anyway: the RD 81 road is sometimes narrow and you will certainly have the opportunity to cross all kinds of animals: pigs, wild boars, goats, cows, etc. In addition, it offers many views, and therefore buses and cars that park in unexpected places with pedestrians crossing the road, especially at the level of the coves of Piana.

In short, you have to stay vigilant throughout your journey. This is not obvious because at every turn the landscape is changing!

If you prefer to take a complete tour of Corsica, local agencies organize this.

You can also get the following guides:

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Obviously, the main advantage of residing in Villa Serena is that you don't need to carry your luggage and you can therefore take full advantage of the winding roads of Corsica… You can park your motorbikes in the grounds of Villa Serena.

In addition, you can disembark directly by boat in Ajaccio from the mainland.

Finally, let's not forget that you will also be able to go to the South… but that's another story!!

So book your next stay at Villa Serena!

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