Activities around Villa Serena, Ajaccio

Less than an hour's drive from the villa to be more precise:

Of course there are the basic activities: a visit to the city of Ajaccio (old town, Napoleon's museum, Fesch museum, etc.) which deserves and will be the subject of an article in its own right; beaches and its water activities (rental of boats, jet skis, etc.) but there are plenty of other leisure activities…: Turtle Park, walks, Heritage, villages, etc.

First of all a site that we love: 

A Cupulatta Park

A Cupulatta means TORTUE in Corsica. It is a turtle breeding and protection centre on a 2.5 hectare natural site. The park is home to 170 species and more than 3,000 animals !!! Less than a 10-minute drive from the villa, it's a place that is highly recommended.


We take the opportunity to point out that in our garden we very often have turtles and the luckiest of you will be able to see them. Indeed, they wander from garden to garden: the Hermann tortoise is a protected species that is forbidden to keep in captivity. So we let them wander between the neighbors' gardens and ours!


On the walk side, we really like:

The Crete Trail

9 km route that follows the coastline from the city centre to the Sanguinaire Islands. Count 3 to 4 hours the go. This path is accessible to all, and offers exceptional views of the coast. This trail allows a botanical discovery of the natural environment in the middle mountains and in the middle of the scrub. Access 15 minutes from the centre of Ajaccio, via the Bois des Anglais.

Crete Trail

The Douaniers Trail

A 7 km walk easier than the previous one, it is perfect for family excursions, with a vertical drop of 80 m. Expect about 2:30 a.m. on the way. Access via the Parata website. You will walk through the scrub, but also the pebble and sandy beaches! The end of the trail is at the beach of Saint-Antoine called Petit Capo.

Lake Tolla

It is located on the Prunelli River, 552 m above sea level upstream from the village of Tolla east of Ajaccio. This 5 km2 lake is located in a green setting including walnut sundr in or chestnut trees. During the summer season, a nautical centre on the banks allows the practice of a wide range of activities (pedalos, canoes, kayaks…).


On the heritage side three sites to do also:

Lake Tolla
Lake Tolla

The Grand Site of the Parata

The tip of the Parata seems to be darting towards the sea. It is extended by a magnificent archipelago of very fragmented islets: the Sanguinaire Islands. The Parata site is rightly classified and has a remarkable landscape and a considerable natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Punta Castle 

Located on the Municipality of Alata, the castle is not to be visited but the road is worth it: bordered at the beginning by large eucalyptus trees, the road rises in laces for about 6 km, offering more and more extensive views of the Gulfs of Ajaccio and Sagone.

The Milleli website

With an area of 12 hectares, the Milleli estate is home to a centuries-old olive grove and the former country house of the Bonaparte. Napoleon stayed there on his return from Egypt in 1799. The property has become a public garden and a very pleasant place to walk. The house, which cannot be visited, is classified as a historical monument and the site has been classified as a protection of remarkable and picturesque sites. An arboretum has been set up for children's education.

Les Villages

 For the surrounding villages, it is recommended: 

The seaside resort of Porticcio

Of course there are its beaches but not that: the Genoese towers of Porticcio are magnificent:

The Tower of Capitello: Unlike the other Genoese towers on the west coast that are located on peaks or peninsulas, the Tower of Capitello was erected on some rocks near the mouth of the Gravona and Prunelli.  

Capitello's Tou
Capitello Tower

The Tower of Isolella: Located on the isolella peninsula, near the Punta di Sette Nave, this Genoese tower is a veritable little lookout dominating not only the magnificent coves of the peninsula, but also the entire Gulf of Ajaccio. A well-maintained trail, barely 500m long, makes it very easily accessible.

The Frassu Tower: From this tower we encompass the city, and the landscape from the South Shore to the Isolella. Today dilapidated, it had walls built identical to those of the Romanesque Churches of the 16th century Pisan style by the Turks.  


Agricultural and pastoral, some products are sold locally, in Porticcio or in the market of Ajaccio.


You will find several breeders and producers of reputable agricultural specialties (cheese, brocciu…).

Other fun activities

 Finally, you can quickly access more fun activities such as:

Vero's Hook 

14 courses and 172 workshops to raise you in the heart of a pine forest, with panoramic views of the Gulf of Ajaccio.

For people who are dizzy we will avoid certain routes if we do not want to find ourselves paralyzed at the top of the peaks … (uh… how does it feel like the experience??? Well ok I admit … but I still enjoyed it!)


The Laser Game, Paintball, Karting, Paragliding… Etc.


So don't hesitate to book!

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